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Large 4 Qul Islamic Calligraphy Stainless Steel Wall Art

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4 Qul Calligraphy Wall Art is made up of 100% pure stainless steel. I hope you will appreciate our work.  We strive to provide the customer with the best wall art like Large 4 Qul Islamic Calligraphy Stainless Steel Wall Art.

The presence of 4 Qul Calligraphy for wall art consists of Four Holy Surahs of Al-Quran Majeed, i.e. Al-Kafiroon, Al-Ikhlas, Al-Falaq, and An-Nas increases the beauty of your home.

There are a lot of advantages of 4 Quls of the Quran. Some benefits are given below:

  • The regularly 4 Quls recitation is very helpful to shield your home from the harms of black magic and other evils.
  • These 4 Quls also be recited for Nazar i.e. protection from the harms from the evil eye.
  • Due to the common acceptance of the 4 Quls from the protection of black magic, you can see these Quls in many homes, shop, and other business establishments as “4 Qul Shareef in Arabic”.

Unique Wall Art is the best home art of bespoke Islamic Calligraphy Stainless Steel Wall Arts either stainless steel or Wood. Unique wall art has a large collection of 3d wall art for your home wall decor. 

Wording:  Qul Al-Kafiroun, Qul Al-Ikhlas, Qul Al-Falaq, and Qul Al-Nas

Source: Quran 
Material: Stainless Steel Wall Art
Colour Available: Stainless Steel and Gold 
Available Size: (30W x 33H) - (36W x 40H) - (48W x 53H) (All Sizes comes in Inches)

Pieces: Depending on the size you select, the artwork will either come in one, two or three pieces.

Note: We do our best to make each and every wall art spotless and clean but may be slight imperfections on the artwork that will be too subtle to notice at a distance. 

Note: Only size 30W x 33H is in stock rest of all sizes takes approximately  2 to 3 weeks to create