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About Unique Wall Art

Unique Wall Art is home of bespoke Islamic Calligraphy arts either stainless steel or Wood.

We are a family business with all the artwork created by owner Zameer Hussain. All arts are created to suit YOU. Unique Wall Art can change any islamic calligraphy design or size to suit your space. Unique Wall Art is a collection of long-established businesses that all have the handmade and shaping of metal at their heart.

 The business was born in 2018 after creating some Islamic 3D Stainless Steel arts for the family home, then commissioned and encouraged him to start selling his artwork, which he did on eBay, Amazon and Etsy. He then set up a website and here we are. There has been a couple of galleries along the way but the internet was always the best place to sell 3D Stainless Steel or Wood Islamic Arts.

 Through the Unique Wall Art online shop, you can order customised Stainless Steel  Art that not only work beautifully with your design theme, but that also perform a valuable purpose within your home.

Your Decorative Islamic Calligraphy stainless steel wall art can be hung on the wall creating an interesting and engaging focal point for your wall or indeed room – whether it’s indoors or outdoors.

 If you have a bespoke calligraphy art in mind please get in touch and we will help you achieve your required design. You can call, use live chat or email us with any queries to and someone will get back to you quickly no matter what the time. Please remember we can do most things to help you so please get in touch, just because you don't see the exact thing online, doesn't mean it can't be done. You can also email images of your space and we can mock up the art in your room.